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Welcome to BridgesHome Health Care. Established in 1997, BridgesHome Health Care utilizes an expert clinical team to meet the patient’s needs for healing and recovery in the comfort of their home following an illness, accident or surgery. Working closely with the patients’ primary care physician, a dedicated team of nurses, social workers, physical therapists and home health aides helps each patient achieve the highest level of independent living.

As the length of hospital stays decrease, increasing numbers of patients need highly-skilled services when they return home. We are your bridge from hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation unit, or long term care facility to home. We are also an important link between the patient, family, and physician. We strive to carry out the physician’s plan for the patient with a full team of health care professionals that understand how the home can be a safe and healthful place.

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible for BridgesHome Health Care services, patients must have:
• A physician referral.
• A skilled need  for medical, nursing, social, or therapeutic treatment and/or assistance with the essential activities of daily living.
• “Homebound” Status. As defined by Medicare guidelines, homebound status means the patient must have a condition that prevents leaving the place of residence on a regular basis. Patients may leave for medical appointments or for absences of infrequent or relatively short duration.

The staff of BridgesHome Health Care is committed to providing the compassionate care to be your bridge to home. For more information, please view our home health care services page.

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