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Volunteer Stories

Many of our volunteers come to us after having a personal experience with our organization. Others are simply looking to have a meaningful, positive impact while meeting new people and learning new skills. All of them are eager to share why they love what they do. Please enjoy a few of their stories.

Penny Rickard

Hospice needs volunteers for all kinds of things -  I felt my way to give back to HMC for the wonderful, wonderful care and concern they gave us was to volunteer.  I work in the office and help with the filing and things that would normally take the staff away from the patients. They have the in-patient care unit and there’s volunteer opportunities there. I work there every other week for a couple hours and it helps me put things back in perspective.

Charlcie Towne

As a volunteer for Hospice, you are trained to help your patient and their family.  Soon you will realize that not only have you helped them but they will have helped you by enriching your life.  It might be words of gratitude or a special hug, maybe just a look on their face that says thank you.  You are meeting them at a very private and personal time in their life, and for me, it has become a part of who I am.

Mary Dunham
After volunteering for over ten years, I had one of the most amazing volunteer experiences.  As you know, most women love to shop and my mission was to meet up at the mall with a wheelchair-bound patient to purchase rings for her granddaughters.  “Linda” wanted to surprise her daughter as well as her granddaughters.  Upon meeting this wonderful 67 year-old woman, I learned early on that she was one special lady.  During our conversation she said, “I just want to make it easy for everyone.”  Linda repeated this several times, not from dementia, but she truly didn’t want to burden her family.  I remember thinking, wow—here she is dying, yet thinking of everyone else and I get to be a part of this.  I am so lucky!  

Knowing she was terminal, her goal was to purchase two identical sapphire rings for her granddaughters wedding days (for the something borrowed, something blue).  The “girls” I learned were currently six and four years old. To read more of this story, click here.